5 Free Security Softwares – Must Use

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Here are 5 Free Security Softwares that you can use to combat your fear against Adwares, Viruses, Trojans, etc.

1.Avast Home Edition: Best Free Antivirus

Avast is one of the best antiviruses I recommend to my friends. It is free and has many features which many of the Antiviruses lack. I have known it for more than 3 years. Until now no virus, Spywares, Adwares, Worms or Trojan has been able to invade my computer. It protects you from IP attacks as well. It has Web Shield, Standard Shield, Email Shield, P2P Shield etc. It has a very nice user friendly interface and the scanning is faster than most of the Antivirus out there. Use it to know it better.

Link:  Avast Home Edition Homepage

2. Comodo Firewall Pro: Best Free Firewall

Comodo is very well known in the field of security, especially web security. They provide many free and paid products but the best ever software they produced is their Firewall. Its free and no other firewall is as good as this one. I have been a tester of firewalls. If you search on internet about leak test you will know that the only Firewall to pass the entire leak test is no other than Comodo Firewall. I personally downloaded leak test softwares and tested it myself. It passed with 100% score. It is very powerful and no software can transfer data to internet without your approval.

Warning: This software is very powerful. It sometimes become annoying approving access to softwares (after some days it will be OK, it won’t disturb you much) but if you are very much concerned about security then this is the best.

Link: Comodo Firewall Homepage

3. Key Scrambler Personal: Best Free Anti Key logger for internet users (Browser Add-on)

Are you worried about key loggers? Someone might have installed a key logger in your computer and using it to get your usernames and passwords. That person might know which sites you are visiting. Well do not worry much, here is the best solution. Use Key Scrambler. It works as a layer between any monitoring systems (Key loggers etc). When you type anything this software scrambles whatever you type. For example you typed “Apple” but key logger will not be able to catch it, instead it will get wrong data like “:T7$n”. So you are safe from key loggers. I am using it for more than a year.

Link: Key Scrambler Personal Homepage

4. RoboForm: Best Password Management Software

Ok so by using Key Scrambler you are safe from key loggers but think if you do not have to type you username and password at all, no data will be stolen. This is what RoboForm can do. RoboForm is the best in Password Managements. It can store your passwords and you can secure all your username and password data with a master password. You do not need to remember all your login data. With one click you can input you login data in website and login without typing anything. It saves a lot of time, especially if you have lots of memberships/login. I have membership at more than 100 sites, so I use RoboForm to mange my logins. You can use RoboForm for free with full feature and automation if you have not more than 10 logins.

Link: RoboForm Homepage

5. Advanced System Care Free: Best Free Utility for Windows

OK I agree this is not a security software, than why is it listed here. Just two reasons, first it has Spyware Removal, which detects the presence of Spywares and removes them and also protect from them in advance. The other is Privacy Sweep; (remember we also need to be protected from data theft). You need to remove the tracking cookies placed by many website. Some are safe but some might be harmful. Privacy Sweep removes those data and makes you system cleaner. (I also advice to use the ‘Junk Clean File’ option in it. You can save lot of hard disk space.)

Link: Advanced System Care Free Homepage

Hope this list is useful for you.


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