Bing is Online with a Bang

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Hi Folks,

I just checked @bing and found out that Microsoft’s new Search Engine Bing is live.

We already had the idea that Microsoft was about to release a new Search Engine!

Formerly known as Kumo, Bing, which should become available worldwide by June 3, is Microsoft’s latest attempt to steal market share away from Google. According to Microsoft, Bing, while providing a good general search experience, wants to focus on providing an especially good user experience in four verticals: making a purchase decision, planning a trip, researching a health condition, and finding a local business.

For the most part, Bing’s interface resembles that of today’s Live Search, with a large ‘cover image’ on the front page that surrounds the search box. The major difference in the user interface is the addition of guided searches in the left sidebar, though Microsoft says that the real changes are under the hood. The company argues that it can bring a new approach to Internet search by providing a richer, easier, and more organized search experience.

Here are some screenshots:

So, go on and try the new Search Engine :p

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