Facebook to get Redesigned Again!

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As Facebook users remain in a huff over the site’s new layout, which was unveiled a few weeks ago, it appears change may be coming.

Or so Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg suggests in a cryptic update he posted to his public fan profile on Friday, referring to the “updated designs”.

“Right now I’m reading feedback from users and looking at some updated designs that include ideas from people’s comments,” he wrote Friday. People familiar with the matter confirm that there are likely to be some tweaks.

In a statement, Facebook said they were “listening carefully to what people are saying about the new home page” and take the feedback seriously.

What ideas are in store – and when they might hit – remain unclear.

Major changes are unlikely. Zuckerberg is known for sticking to his guns. When users resisted the launch of news feed in 2006, Zuckerberg defended it in a blog post entitled “Calm down. Breathe. We hear you.” The company enhanced some privacy settings and it became one popular feature on the site.

Facebook has always said that the new design is a work in-progress, so a few changes wouldn’t be surprising. In the new design, Facebook made the area where people get updates on their friends more prominent and more dynamic.

But any significant changes would be a setback for the company, which has pumped the new approach as a way to enable its 175 million users to share more information more easily and more rapidly.

Hundreds of thousands of users who have joined groups to protest the design are unconvinced, complaining about everything from the font being too large and the photos too big to overall confusion about where to find things.

Of course, the real way users vote is with their attention. You can bet that whatever changes Facebook makes are in response to some trend about what people are doing – or not doing – under the new design.

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