Malware found in Lenovo software package

by Mahesh Kukreja · 0 comments

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I just got the news. Computer maker Lenovo is shipping a malware-infected software package to Windows XP users, according to warning from anti-virus researchers at Microsoft.

The malicious file was identified by Microsoft as Win32/Meredrop, a Trojan dropper that is used to install and execute multiple malicious executables on an infected computer. Other anti-virus vendors are detecting the threat as a ‘hooligan’ virus or a porn dialer. It was found the Lenovo Trust Key software for Windows XP, a digitally signed driver package available to Windows XP SP2 users.

The infected software is used to install the Lenovo Security Logon and the Lenovo Private folder applications for use with the Lenovo Trust Key (also known as Lenovo Insider Key).

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