Samsung Galaxy S2 – Technical Specifications & Review

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Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II, i9100) was recently launched by Samsung. It’s available in some of the countries including South Korea, UK, India, etc. It’s not officially yet available in the US.

Samsung Galaxy S2 – Technical Specifications & Review:

Sifting through the array of packaging and getting your hands on the Galaxy S2 is an exciting moment. On first appearances it’s handsome, stylish and notably thin – at only 8.49mm deep and with a 4.3″ screen — which really accentuates its slender and impressive physique.

Samsung Galaxy S2
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Its plastic backing is sturdy and surprisingly strong considering its size. It’s nice in the hand and really does look like the sort of phone that would be the envy of your friends.

Switching on the S2 is a quick process, with the phone speeding to full functionality within seconds. Its screen is impressive, the Super AMOLED Plus display cracks to life with deep vivid coloring that is quite striking on first image and one of the best screens available on any phone currently.

It’s a neat package too, Samsung’s use of Android Gingerbread is neat and its TouchWiz interface has come on in leaps and bounds and makes very subtle changes to Google’s excellent operating system.

There are some nice little programs called Samsung hubs for games, music, video and social media and some less than useful applications like Samsung’s applications store, which is bit redundant with Android Market.

Taking photo’s with the camera is a dream and the 8mp produces good quality snaps while the camcorders 1080p capture is also nice and clear. The phone’s also got quite a good ability to capture shots in lowlight and offers an array of software to add effects to your photos.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Connection to a plasma TV or monitor is easily done through the 1080p HDMI out option. A mini USB port & 3.5mm jack is provided and 32GB of memory option is available with an SD card.

One of the best things about the Samsung is its responsiveness. It’s a super fast device, powered by a huge 1.2GHz dual core Orion chip which really eats up anything thrown at it, including Flash video and even the most powerful games. Its 1GB of RAM gives it a cocktail of specs many netbooks or tablets would be proud of and it has no processing issue to speak of currently. In fact it will be interesting to see how much power draining software can be put on before it begins to lag a little – we suspect a lot.

Hands-on the Samsung Galaxy S II is a bit of a dream with few faults to speak of, aside from some redundant Samsung applications and perhaps the speaker at the back is not the most amazing but over all this is a device with a huge amount of potential that will the envy of your friends.

Price & Availability

Samsung Galaxy S2 is available in the UK on contract basis. The price starts at £79.99 on Orange for a 2 year contract. Besides O2 is providing Samsung Galaxy S2 for free with a minimum monthly contract of £38.50 for 24 months. You can compare some good contracts at priced at Best Mobile Contracts.

Samsung Galaxy S II is not yet officially available in the US, but is expected to launch somewhere around June/July 2011. But you can buy it from or Amazon for about $800 USD. In India, Samsung Galaxy S2 is priced at about Rs. 32,000.

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Sandeep July 27, 2011 at 9:06 pm

This phone is offering much better features with android. I am looking forward with this mobile


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