4 Remote Presentation Solutions for Your Business

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Doing a webinar or a remote presentation is a must for growing businesses. When you aren’t requiring participants to travel at a particular place or print out notes, you can save cash while being environmentally conscious. There are several services available to make the transition into remote presentations smooth and easy. They vary by cost and features, so consider the individual needs of your business before deciding on a solution.

Conference Room

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OnConference facilitates conference calls, lets you record meetings, and provides a host of other collaboration options. Their web conferencing service, called OnConference Presents, allows you to share both slides and applications; that means if a question arises, the presenter can refer to a website, a document, or even demo the product itself. Your presentation will be visible on any computer (though not a mobile device), and the program doesn’t require a software download for either the presenter or the participants. You have the option to annotate slides as you present with a highlighter feature, and you can even sign up a co-presenter to share control. Pricing is 19 cents per minute per line.


Among big businesses, SlideShare is one of the most popular options for remote presentations. Integrating a strong social networking aspect, slides can be made public to be viewed, modified, and used by anyone. Slideshare’s main purpose is to upload PowerPoint style presentations, but you also have the option to share documents, PDFs, and videos. By syncing with an MP3, you can create a SlideCast, which you can use to create a webinar, though live presenting isn’t the best use of Slideshare. The basic package is free, but for $19 up to $249 a month you can expand your services to include larger files, more videos, and a personalized marketing campaign.


Apple’s answer to remote presentations and cloud computing is iCloud. It comes standard on all new Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers. Unlike some of the other services, it boasts automatic storage; that means that a file saved on your computer can be instantly accessed from your iPad or phone. Five gigs of storage come free, or you can upgrade to more for a small fee. Presentations, along with your most recent edits, can be accessed and downloaded from any computer by going to a shared website. The traditional webinar setting is removed, but you can share a slide presentation with very little effort.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect, a flash-based solution, has the advantage of being available on almost any device with no need for additional software, but is not supported by Apple products. It is interactive and allows for real-time collaboration or global web-casting. Their eLearning division is specifically designed for training and online classes. It allows supervisors to track participation and progress. The system can be purchased by up to nine hosts for $55 per month; they also have a per-meeting option which costs 32 cents per minute per user.

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