2010 Year in review: Top 4 Tablets compared

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It’s the last day of the year 2010. And I’ve made a post which compares 4 Tablets available out there, the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak and BlackBerry PlayBook..


RANKING: 1. Dell Streak | 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab | 3. BlackBerry PlayBook | 4. Apple iPad

With a 5 inch screen size, Dell Streak is the lightest (weighing 220 g) tablet cum smartphone available. Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook come with a screen size of 7 inches. The iPad has the biggest display with a size of around 9 inches. And the iPad is also heftier than other tablets out there weighing about 1.5 pounds.



All the 4 tablets consist of a 1 GHz processor. The Dell Streak consists of 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes with a Cortex A8 processor. The iPad boasts Apple’s A4 1 GHz processor. And the BlackBerry PlayBook has a 1 GHz dual-core processor.

Operating System

RANKING: 1. Samsung Galaxy Tab | 2. Apple iPad | 3. Dell Streak | 4. BlackBerry PlayBook

I ranked Samsung Galaxy Tab to be number 1 because it’s running Android 2.2. And, I think Android has the potential to come to the top very soon. Apple’s iOS is currently the most advanced OS for Tablets and Smartphones. Dell Streak again comes with Android 1.6 (which is upgradable to 2.2). The BlackBerry PlayBook comes with BlackBerry Tablet OS.

Features & Functions

RANKING: 1. BlackBerry PlayBook | 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab | 3. Dell Streak | 4. Apple iPad

The upcoming BlackBerry’s PlayBook has the top features. It consists of dual HD cameras, micro-USB, micro-HDMI connectors. The Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak also consist of dual cameras and expandable memory. The iPad has only fixed memory (upto 64 GB) and no camera. The Streak wins the camera option as it has a 5 MP camera. It’s good for picture takers.


RANKING: 1. Apple iPad | 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab | 3. Dell Streak | 4. BlackBerry PlayBook

When it comes to the applications and games that can be installed on the device, the Apple’s iPad comes out to be a winner. There are many more applications available for the iPad than it’s Android rivals and the BlackBerry. Many more applications in the Android store have not been optimized for the tablets yet (Yes! That sucks). But, don’t worry, the Android market has thousands of applications if you get an Android tab. The BlackBerry’s tablet has not yet been released, but when it will be released, BlackBerry claims to have a rich ecosystem of apps.


RANKING: 1. Apple iPad | 2. Samsung Galaxy Tab | 3. BlackBerry PlayBook | 4. Dell Streak

Apple’s large screen and it’s multitasking iOS has helped it to perform much better than the other tablets. From reading books to playing games, the iPad is much better. The Samsung Galaxy Tab comes second, with it’s excellent display and the ability to play high-definition videos.

BlackBerry  also claims PlayBook to have a high performance multimedia. And, not to forget, PlayBook comes with BlackBerry services.

In terms of battery life, Apple iPad leads. But, the Dell Streak also doesn’t stay back, as it is a small device. All the devices come with Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

Value for Money

RANKING: 1. Apple iPad | 2. BlackBerry PlayBook | 3. Dell Streak | 4. Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Apple iPad starts with a price tag of $499. Then comes PlayBook, rumors say it’s gonna start pricing at $399. The Dell Streak comes for around $560 and Galaxy Tab is priced at $660 approx.


So, which is the best tablet of them all. It’s left upto you to decide based on your requirements. If you love iOS or RIM’s services, then iPad or PlayBook is best. If you want tablet cum smartphone, Dell Streak is a good option for you. And if you love Android and can wait for the Android market to improve, Galaxy Tab is good for you.

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