3 Ways To Buy GEVEY Sim in India

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GEVEY Sim is available for a couple of days now. GEVEY is confirmed to work with iPhone 4 on basebands 02.10.04 on iOS 4.1, 03.10.01 on iOS 4.2.1 and also the latest iOS 4.3 with baseband 04.10.01. Also, GEVEY Pro was released some time back which has some minor updates and is compatible with more GSM carriers around the world. After GEVEY Pro, ApplenBerry launched GEVEY Ultra sim which provides untethered unlock solution via use of a Cydia tweak, FuriousMod.

Update (21st July, 2011): ApplenBerry.com, the official seller of Normal GEVEY, Pro & Ultra sims has stopped selling Normal GEVEY & Pro versions. It only sells GEVEY Ultra now. If you want to buy normal & pro versions, check Amazon & eBay links below. But beware, they might be cloned.

Also, this is not only for Indian iPhone 4 users. People from different countries can follow the links below to buy GEVEY Pro/Ultra sims.

GEVEY Sim for iPhone 4

Many iPhone 4 users are waiting for unlock since the release of iOS 4.1. And I think @MuscleNerd’s NCK Unlock is not going to drop very soon. So if you are desperate to get an unlock (like I am :p), here are three ways by which you can get GEVEY sim & GEVEY Pro shipped to India:

1. ApplenBerry.com

With large number of cloned GEVEY sims in the market, it’s best to buy from the original GEVEY Sim dealer which is ApplenBerry.com. Both GEVEY Sim & GEVEY Pro Sim for iPhone 4 are priced at $28 on ApplenBerry.com. ApplenBerry is selling GEVEY Ultra for $28. It provides shipping to almost all countries. The payment options are Paypal and Google Checkout.

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Product Link: GEVEY Ultra on ApplenBerry

2. eBay:

I’m selling original Gevey Supreme Pro Plus Turbo Sims for iPhone 4 on eBay.in. The listing is only for Indian buyers & the price is reasonable.

eBay is one of the trusted sources for online shopping. You can buy GEVEY Sim from eBay.com, eBay.in or eBay Global Easy Buy (GEB). The price of GEVEY Pro starts at about $6 on eBay.com and about Rs. 400 on eBay.in. But the GEVEY sims being sold on eBay might be cloned. Because the price of original is $28. So, look around the sites to find good quality GEVEY sims.

If you want to buy for lesser price and have no problem with the quality of the sim, then you can try the cloned ones. Also, I recommend you to check the feedbacks of the sellers before you buy anything on eBay.

GEVEY Ultra sim starts at about $10 on eBay.com and about Rs. 1900 on eBay India

Links: eBay.com, eBay.in

3. Amazon:

Another trusted source for online shopping is Amazon. The pricing of GEVEY Pro on Amazon starts at about $7. GEVEY Ultra starts at about $17.

Product Links:

The other ways to get GEVEY sim is to order it from your friends/relatives living in the US or China.

So, tell us how are you going to get your GEVEY sim? Do you know any other online shopping sites from where we can buy GEVEY? Feel free to comment below.

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