5 Simple Ways to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog

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The purpose of all bloggers is to make money online and advertisements are the main source of income for many bloggers. But the question arises how to attract the advertisers to your blog as the competition is increasing day by day. There are some advertising centers that make it easy to find ads relevant to the content of your blog. But one can earn even much more by getting direct ads. So to attract advertisers for your blog you need to do some optimization.

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Following are five simple ways to attract advertisers for your site.

1. Advertise With Us!

You can have a banner advertisement that says “Advertise with us” on your blog. This banner can be placed at the top bar or on side bar of the blog.  You should also clearly mention the advertisement rates on it. Rates should be set according to the impressions of that ad, like more revenue for the ads placed on the top of the page and less for the bottom ones. A special page can also be made on the blog that gives all the information regarding your blog niche, page rank, traffic, Alexa rank, rates for advertisements and payment mode. This will help to attract more customers and provide all the information to them at one place.

2. Be Clear About Your Blog’s Niche

Blog niche plays an important role to attract people to place ads on your page. Advertisers always buy an ad place on your blog if they find it beneficial for them. Most of them try to find such sites or blog whose content or topic is relevant to the information they want to convey through their ad. So try to concentrate on your site niche to attract more advertisers.

3. Improve Blog Traffic

After the site niche, traffic matters a lot. Advertisers attract to the sites having a lot of traffic. If you have a popular niche blog but are not getting good traffic then it is worthless. Your blog should get enough number of visitors per day to attract the advertisers.

Social networking sites like Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit help you to get more traffic to your blog posts. Make sure the articles are interesting so that human readers actually come to your blog.

Guest post on other related blogs. This will help you to get more targeted traffic.

4. Improve Website Rank in Search Engines

Search engines ranking also play an important part for any website to attract people to place their ads on it. For e.g. a website whose Google page rank is high and Alexa rank is less, is considered good. But mainly the advertisers get more attracted towards sites who have a good home page rank and also rank well on all the major search engines. So work towards the optimization of your website which in terms of results in top rankings and improve the chances of getting more advertisers soon.

Good search engine rankings can be achieved by applying simple SEO strategies.

  • Do some keyword research and use proper density of keywords in your blog posts
  • Adopt proper methods of Image Optimization by using the “alt” tag
  • Build good backlinks. This helps you to achieve a higher page rank for your posts
  • Make sure to use H1 & H2 tags at appropriate places in the post

5. Have a Good Blog Design

Most of the advertisers get attracted towards the blog which has  a professional layout or a design. So try to make your blog look more professional. Choose some professional themes of blue, gray or white combination. Make the look of the blog more appealing.

If you’re a web designer then you can design the blog theme yourself. Else, you can hire a professional web design company to do the work for you. You can also use framework themes like Thesis for your blog. Thesis theme has easy options for customizing the layout and blog design. And there are lots of tutorials available online which help you with customizing Thesis.

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Ashwin Saxena September 23, 2011 at 5:41 am

Nice article. I never bothered to write a “Advertise With Us!” page. Maybe I will write one now 😉
I’ve found that adding one’s site to various blog directories helps too, as advertisers may end up searching a specific category in a blog directory and find our blog.


Tony Scott October 27, 2011 at 9:06 am

The tips are very basic but useful. Thanks and I look forward for more since I’m starting with my own website.


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