Apple iTunes gets a competitor: Google Music

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About 2 weeks ago, at Google I/O, Android 2.2, Froyo was introduced by Gundotra. But, that was not all. Gundotra also announced a new section in the Android Market — Music. Much details about this new project were not disclosed at that time.

The name of the new service may have been found through a new logo that was hosted at Google’s server.

The logo was hosted here. But, it has been taken down by Google and now you’ll find there a 404 Error page.

Google Music will be an over the air service for Android devices — hear a song, purchase it, download it automatically to your Android device.

The service will make use of Google’s recently-acquired Simplify Media’s technology, offering a desktop app that will give you access to all DRM-free media on Android devices remotely, service similar to that of iTunes.

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