GEVEY Sim Works on Apple iOS 5 [Video]

by Mahesh Kukreja · 34 comments

in Apple

Hello folks! I got a chance to test-drive the new iOS 5. One of my developer friends white-listed my UDID with Apple servers. So, I got my hands on iTunes 10.5 Beta & iOS 5 Beta 1 for iPhone 4.

First thing I checked after updating to iOS 5 was the compatibility of GEVEY Sim with iOS 5. And it works. Yesterday, I reported that GEVEY 112 Exploit is still working on iOS 5.

And here’s the video I made showing the proof:

Here are the screenshots of the About page on my iPhone 4:

iOS 5 Settings iOS 5 Baseband

GEVEY Sim & GEVEY Pro will work on the current beta version of iOS 5. There’s still no public jailbreak available for iOS 5 Beta 1. So, I’m missing SBSettings & other tweaks. I think I’ll be downgrading back to 4.3.3 in a day or two.

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