How to Combine Email Marketing, SEO & Social Netwroking for Internet Marketing Strategy

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Most would agree the big three elements of internet marketing are email marketing, SEO, and various social networking platforms. Many budgets and marketers also tend to focus on each of these individually instead of creating one cohesive strategy for all of them. If you can forge these three methods together into a strategy that will certainly drive traffic to your site and create awareness and conversations why wouldn’t you be doing it?

Internet Marketing Strategy

For the purpose of this post let’s say that you are a very popular company that sells penguins, so you create a whitepaper about the benefits of owning penguins domestically, professionally, and economically (this content could be anything of course… not just large flightless seabirds).  There are three elements to this strategy that should draw people to view your content.

First, you should create a clean, well-optimized landing page for your content (PDF, video, infographic etc). In this page you can perform your typical SEO fare with your established keywords, URL building, and options to navigate to the content on the main site.

Second, send out the emails! If you believe that the content you’ve created is really valuable to your customers/subscribers (and you should since you created it) put the information for it in your company’s newsletter or even create a dedicated email that will tell your consumers all about why they need to buy penguins and how it is going to dramatically benefit them. It doesn’t really matter how you do it as long as whatever you’re writing is going to get them to follow the link to the information. Once they do this, they will have arrived on your pristine, SEO-studded landing page. These types of beneficial, consumer conscious emails can drive significant traffic to your site, especially since the recipients have probably opted in to your information already and are likely to read it.

Finally, start a little buzz. The whitepaper/video/infographic/etc can be discussed on the company blog in an attempt to drive the readers to the landing page and the original content once again.  Tweets can be sent out with a link to the content. If you have any real authority in the area and have significant followers, it will surely be retweeted. Create a post on Facebook regarding it. This is the easy part. Whatever network you your company resides in should be made aware of your incredibly relevant, awesome content.

You may be kicking yourself now thinking that it couldn’t be that simple. Well in one way you’re right… you still have to create the dynamic, relevant content, but the strategy and exposure of your content can be that simple. Many people waste time and money on any one of these specific areas without ever realizing that all three can work hand in hand. This is not to say that they should be used individually as well. I am only attempting to remind you that they all work together, and that they should always work together when creating the force that is your internet marketing strategy.

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