[How To] Get Google Music Beta on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

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Day 1 of Google I/O 2011 has commenced successfully. Google has announced Android 3.1 Honeycomb. Google also gave Samsung Galaxy Tabs to he 5000 developers that were present at the event. Google also announced Music Beta.

Google Music Beta

With Music Beta, you can store your songs in the cloud and play them anywhere with an Android application. Google is offering 20,000 songs with the launch of Music Beta and currently the service is free..

Apple iOS users have been left out. But, folks at CNET have found out a way to run Music Beta on iOS devices. Here are the steps for same:

1. Get Music Beta invite from music.google.com/about/. Currently, it is available only for US users.

2. Launch Safari Browser. Open music.google.com/music/ and login with your Google account information.

3. The Music Beta interface is the same as desktop browser version. To play a song, tap it, and press “Play” in the navigation bar at the bottom, or click the triangle to the right of a song name and select “Play Song.” The song will play within the browser itself.

4. To scroll through your music list, drag up or down with two fingers. The application lags speed here. Be patient.

Google Music Beta on Apple iOS

5. You can also skip, repeat, or shuffle music. This can be done by using the navigation bar at the bottom of the browser.

6. You can also play music in the background. Exiting Safari will not affect music play. Double-click the home button and swipe to the left to access the music player shortcut. From here you can skip or play/pause your music through Safari while completing other tasks.

Music Beta - Multitasking on iOS

Amazon recently launched it’s Cloud Music Service. Apple is also expected to launch it’s Cloud Music Service soon. And I think it’ll be integrated in iOS. Let’s wait and see.

[via CNET]

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rizwan khushnood May 11, 2011 at 9:43 pm

Google Music Beta is provides a new landmark


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