Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 WiFi Mobile Device – Specifications & Pricing

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The percentage of the population who use smartphones to place their everyday calls is staggering. Smartphones are now about 40% of all mobile phones in the US. The reasons for this include the convenience of handheld internet surfing and the plethora of apps available for any and all occasions. However, the fun and enjoyment often comes at a high price and is often attached to a lengthy contract.

Samsung recently revealed Galaxy S 3.6 WiFi Only Mobile Phone. This device is similar in function to Apple’s iPod Touch. Below are the technical specifications & pricing information of Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 WiFi.

Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 WiFi

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A No Phone Smartphone

For any application junkie looking to forgo phone contracts, the Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 WiFi Mobile Device is a dream come true. It allows users access to the privileges of having high speed internet on a mobile device, all without being committed to monthly phone bill. Users can watch video and listen to music, as well as engage in social networking, surf the internet, and play games. The only downside is that the Samsung Galaxy Device itself does not have the ability to make or receive phone calls. Therefore it is a good alternative for users who are more interested in apps than in phone calls.

In order to be able to use the Samsung Galaxy Device as a phone, users must download Skype or a similar VoIP program. The Samsung Galaxy Device can be compared to Apple’s iPod Touch in the sense that both are devices that can be used for entertainment purposes but do not make phone calls.

Galaxy S Similarities

The Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 is an Android 2.3 device. It boasts many of the same features as the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, such as a 1 GHz OMAP processor, the ability to connect to a Wi-Fi network and a 8GB/16 GB memory, which can be expanded by purchasing a bigger microSD card. The device’s screen is 3.65 inches in length and it comes with a 0.3 MP VGA camera on the front, giving it the capability to make video calls. The device also has a 2-megapixel camera in the rear. Similar to most smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 comes with GPS tracking, Bluetooth, a compass, and an accelerometer and it supports the codecs needed to run video and audio on the device.

Release & Pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Device goes on sale in the United Kingdom in October 2011. In both the U.S. and the U.K. market, the Samsung Galaxy Device is being marketed to people who want to be able to access games, apps and videos on-the-go without having to commit to buying an expensive cell phone with an expensive plan. The high speed internet access available through wifi will allow users to stay connected to the world without having to buy an iPhone or Android phone. The Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 has many of the same capabilities and apps as any other Android phone, for a lot less money. Anyone looking to ease into the technology of smartphones may want to test the waters with a Samsung Galaxy S 3.6.

The device will be available in white & black colors. Samsung Galaxy S 3.6 WiFi will be available for £149 for the 8GB model and £169 for the 16GB

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