Samsung Smart Hub: Your TV Just got Smarter

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Smart phones have been stealing the thunder of the technology lately, boasting about the optimal web integration and dazzling consumer base with its WebTop environment. However, now, thanks to Samsung Smart Hub, internet TV has become the new “smart”. With its array of applications and multiple browsing options and its unique way of synchronization, it changes the online TV experience altogether.

Samsung Smart Hub

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Samsung Smart Hub Specifications

With your browsing, gaming, mobile and live streaming all miniatured at one display the whole meaning of entertainment falls in one piece. The Wi-Fi internet enables the integration of web, chat, streaming and applications on your TV screen. The Smart Hub reveals itself at a stroke of command to the remote and opens the portal to unlimited internet options, transforming your TV in to a full time assimilated device. The Smart Hub lays down all the connectivity and accessibility options on the same menu. Among the many upgraded traits of internet TV it gives you the opportunity to keep up with your social life while indulging in the experience of watching a movie up stream. Its search tab bridges you directly to YouTube, Vudu and Hulu Plus and on the same display the hub allows you to access several applications, which could be modified on direct download.

Pre-loaded Apps

The meaning of TV translated into Smart TV is an interactive forum that unlike its predecessors adjusts to your convenience. The Samsung Smart TV comes pre-loaded with various applications like Twitter, Facebook and Skype, which means you can video chat with your friends and family while comfortably leaning against your sofa. Not only this but owing to the dual sided remote, that encompasses the agility of a keyboard in your hand (via its QWERTY keypad), you can type or scroll around the page with the touch sensitive pointer. The other side of the remote is the conventional form of remote that features the control of TV functions.

3D Display

The sleek HD display that supports 3D picture handles with efficacy what internet TV demands of it. News, views, weather updates, music and movies are at push of a button away. Besides streaming movies, TV programs and even YouTube videos, Samsung Smart Hub also keeps a record of how you rated the viewings and based on your favoritism, it lines up a queue of recommendations for you. It has in store the top movies, top shows and latest releases and it even keeps a track of what your friends recommended.  Indeed smart…


The bottom line is Samsung Smart TV fully justifies Samsung’s claim to it being a social TV. It makes live chat with friends and family amidst a live telecast. So you can comment, joke or share updates during and about the program and stay on top of the news. Moreover with a Skype interactive environment, little reservations are left to it achieving the status of Social TV.

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Shona September 23, 2011 at 12:08 am

My smartphone has managed to keep me away from my beloved PC, it seems there are more reasons now to keep the PC away.


campbell84 September 28, 2011 at 4:07 pm

From now TV is not just for watching but also with more application and technology. With attractive design and mind blowing extra features ..


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