Twitter is facing faliure of Timeline Cache

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I’m seeing this on Twitter’s homepage for the last 1 hour, since I logged in.

Twitter is over capacity

Then, I checked, and found out that Twitter is facing failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching. Twitter’s engineers are currently working to resolve this issue. ETA is not yet available.

I will update with any extra information I get.

The site could be down until approximately 3am PT.

-Update from TechCrunch.

Update: 10:17 PM PDT:  Users may temporarily experience missing tweets from their timelines. They will be restored shortly.

-Update from

Update: 10:50 PM PDT: Twitter is currently working fine.

Update: 10:52 PM PDT: Twitter is again down.

Update: 10:53 PM PDT: Twitter is up again.

Update: 10:56 PM PDT: Twitter is going up and down again and again.

Update: 11:21 PM PDT: I can’t see my updates.

Twitter @MaheshKukreja

Update: 11:51 PM PDT: We’re recovering from the site outage. Remember, users may temporarily experience missing or duplicate tweets from their timelines. Normal timelines will be restored shortly.

-Update from

Update: June 15th 04:11 AM: The site is fully recovered.

-Update from

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