Will GEVEY Sim for iPhone 4 Work in India? Probably “YES!”

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Yesterday, I wrote about GEVEY Team working on iPhone 4 Hardware unlock solution. I also posted a video showing the demo of GEVEY Sim in action.

GEVEY for iPhone 4

The method that this sim uses is the Man-In-The-Middle Attack, as the sim imposes as a Sim Interposer.

[Read more about the details here]

The post in the above link mentions that this new trick will work on networks supporting the 112 emergency number. But, here in India, 112 number is not in use. It neither connects to any line nor redirects to any other number.

So, I asked @ApplenBerry whether GEVEY Sim will work in India without the 112 emergency number.

And the reply was YES!

GEVEY for iPhone 4 in India GEVEY for iPhone 4 in India

I asked:

@ApplenBerry Just need to confirm whether GEVEY will work in India? 112 doesn’t work as an emergency no here in India..

And here’s the reply:

@MaheshKukreja YES it will work if 112 doesn’t work as an emergency number in your country.

So it’s a good news for Indian iPhone 4 users stuck in the locked situation. GEVEY Sim will probably releasing tomorrow, March 18th, according to the following tweet:

GEVEY for iPhone 4 - Release Date

@Shepel_dv It was hard to keep track of everyone so I took it off the pre-order. Its confirm that we will sell on March 18.

We will tell you more about the sim, pricing details, etc when it is released.

Also, by the weekend, @MuscleNerd will tell us about the NCK Unlock method, whether it can be implemented or not.

Stay tuned for more news via Email or Twitter.

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