3 Reasons Why Readers Will Keep Running from Your Blog

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After your blog, your readers are the most important thing to you – if you must be sincere with yourself. Losing a reader would be like a treasure thrown into the deep blue ocean, you cannot replace it with anything. While it’s not the joy of any blogger to see readers leave their blog, many do not know what keeps readers away from their blogs.

Walking away from Blog

Knowing your blog’s weak point and working on it is a good way to improve how your readers will treat your blog. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing some of the most common things that will always keep driving your readers away from your blog, and if any of these is noted in your blog you should make amendments if you want to keep your readers on your blog.

Your Blog has a Bad Design

One of the major reasons many blogs lose their readers is because of the bad design they have. No matter how beautiful your wordings are, or how informative and important the articles shared on your blog may be, you should not shove aside the idea of creating a welcoming and good looking design for your blog. It’s the first thing anybody will see on your blog, and it speaks a lot about your blog.

If you are not good at designing or coding a website template, there are many free template designs you can use for your blog that will make your blog look good and also load faster. Of course, a better option would be to hire a designer to create an exclusive design for your blog. This will aid your branding efforts.

Your Articles are poorly written

People have more to worry about than come to your blog and burden their hearts by reading meaningless articles. If you suspect that you are not good at writing, then your problem is not so huge. Go to oDesk or Elance and hire a good and professional writer to write your articles for you.

You should make your writer know what you want on your blog: give him/her one or two blogs you are modeling yours after and stress on the importance of using good grammar and well spelt words. Don’t make your bad writing an excuse for readers not to visit your blog the next time.

Excessive and Offensive Ads

While it’s important that you make money off of your efforts as a blogger, you should not let that obstruct your mail goal. Ads would normally piss your readers off, but if you do it in a very creative and minimal way, you won’t have problems with your readers. But showing excessive ads, pop-ups and annoyingly off-topic advertisement on your blog will make the reader leave your blog and not return to it again.
Again, it comes to how your design can accommodate ads, if your blog design is too cluttered from the onset, displaying ads everywhere will only make it look more irritating to your readers.


Just like I said in the introduction, knowing what pisses off your readers and working towards correcting it will help you retain your readers for a long time and even help you to get new ones, but doing nothing to change things will make your blog’s growth become stagnant.

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