5 Popular Firefox Plugins For SEO

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Popular SEO Plugins for Firefox

Research is the most difficult part of SEO. Many times you need to juggle many parameters to arrive at a decision. And these parameters are provided by different tools. If there was a way to quickly get these parameters at the clicks of a mouse, then that would definitely ease life. Here’s a list of 5 such must have tools.

1. SeoQuake SEO extension

SeoQuake SEO extension is a must have for any SEO professional. The number of parameters offered by default is more than sufficient to satisfy the need of even an advanced SEO marketer – Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, QuantCast, Comcast Ranks, Number of URLs indexed by Google, number of backlinks, etc. If you want to hit certain API that is not provided in the default offering, go ahead and customize this plugin. In fact there is hardly any add on that is as customizable.

2. SearchStatus

SearchStatus gives access to a host of advanced Google search parameters. Especially backlinks counted by various search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. It used to show a quick link to yahoo search explorer which was probably the most useful backlink tool. Apart from these it also shows the meta tags and keyword density. A quick link to whois entry and archieve.org is also available.

3. SEO Toolbar by SEOmoz

In the absence of the regular updates to Page Rank and Google taking a ambiguous stand about the validity of the page rank, we are left only one credible way to measure the authority of a website – SEOmoz Domain Authority and Page Authority. While the API to get these are free, this toolbar makes it easy to find these parameters for any webpage. You can also see these parameters for all URLs shown on popular search engine results pages.

4. Web Developer

One of the important part of on page optimization is to ensure that search engine crawlers are able to view the web pages properly. This is because crawlers are traditionally devoid of ability to execute javascript or CSS. Web developer toolbar makes it very easy to see how crawlers see your web pages without CSS, javascript or cookies. What more – you can even modify the cookies. There is a lot that this toolbar can achieve. The best way to really learn about it is to play with it.

5. SEO Toolbar

SEO toolbar is really good for keyword research. It aggregates the keywords data from various sources like Keyword discovery, Google Adwords, Alexa etc. It also pulls the PPC search data so it becomes easy to understand how competitive the keywords are.

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