5 Top Reasons Why Lists Are Good For Getting Traffic To Your Blog

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Do you want an innovative method to get people to link to your blog? All you have to do is write lists. There are several reasons why lists are a great method to get renewed traffic to your blog. Several top bloggers have tried this method and have reaped its rewards.


Here are the top reasons why we recommend lists for increasing your blog’s traffic.

1. Lists Can Be Quickly Scanned

Long articles take time to read and the average online reader’s attention span varies every day. Given short attention spans, lack of quality time and laziness, it’s good to sometimes eschew long articles and write lists. You can easily and quickly communicate a number of points via a list. Readers comprehend a great deal of information in a short time when the info is presented in list format.

2. Lists Appear Neat

With a list, you can keep points succinct and to the point. This means there’s no rambling; no long, complicated sentence structuring that can confuse readers. Owing to their short, to the point style, lists look neat and tend to look visually pleasing. There’s one portion of web readers that are actually scared of reading long pieces of text. These are the people who regularly visit YouTube for how-to videos, instead of reading articles. Lists work very well by delivering content to text-phobics without stressing them out.

3. Lists Are Comprehensive And Persuasive

You can quickly and easily present numerous arguments for or against an issue using a list. Though short, lists can be comprehensive in their content since each point delivers a very clear message. Lists can be used to deliver linear, persuasive content highlighting the plusses or minuses of an issue, in a way that can be quite convincing. Once I used lists to promote my TRX coupon codes and ereleases discounts blog and guess what, it performed twice!

4. Lists Are Easy To Write

For the average blogger, writing long articles can be quite a challenge. A list, on the other hand, are easy to write because all you have to do is break down your thoughts into small bits and cover each bit in a list item. This kind of division and segregation of the thought process helps you to express yourself better and also helps your readers to comprehend your thoughts quickly.

5. Lists Act As Memes

Publish a list today comprising 10 clear points on why it’s advantageous to optimize your site for search engines. Soon you’ll find that other bloggers link to your list and start an epidemic of similar ideas through lists. Lists can spread very quickly for this reason.


Lists are so popular and easy to write and read that sometimes people use them too much in their blogs. Sometimes, a topic requires a bit more meat than a list can provide. In such cases, it’s better to write a detailed post than relegate all your thoughts to a list. Other than that, lists are terrific to add to your writing mix and will help you build your blog traffic strategy.

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