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Blogging can be a way for you to express yourself online. However, not only can blogging make you speak your mind, it can also let you earn dough online. Blogging, or web logging, can be a money making scheme for you and your thriving business.

Make Money Blogging

Here are some things that you have to consider before posting your first blog:

  1. Determine your Niche. Just like any business venture, there has to be a thorough analysis of your market. In blogging, a market analysis is also a priority. Know who would most likely read your articles or visit your website. That way, you can streamline your content according to their needs. In addition, try to see which keywords could help you. These would help you have guidelines in your content and would allow you to specify topics that would be posted on your site.
  2. Content. More than anything, your content MUST be your priority. Your content will determine whether your blog is worth reading. If your content is good, you are most likely to receive good reviews or good comments. If your content is good, readers will also get to interact with you more. More interaction means more traffic. Keep this in mind: TRAFFIC is very important if you are doing business online. Content is like a good road pavement. If your pavement is good than that of the others, most travelers would prefer to pass by your street. Content is the same. Good content would almost always sum up to more visits.
  3. Web host. Find a web hosting site that is both cheap and reliable. You can usually get a host for 7 to 10 dollars. However, if you really like to start small, you can have a free web host like This method though is not recommended by most bloggers. This would mean that there will be more bloggers than other (paid) sites. This means, your blog has a lesser chance of being read. Also, if there are any mishaps (read: lost blog), you cannot call anybody for help. Word of advice: shell out the $7. It is not much on your pocket, but it could sure do lots for your site.
  4. First impressions. It is advised to be creative and quirky in your blogs. You do not want your readers to fall asleep while reading, do you? Be creative. Be fun. But, do not deviate from your offered product or service. Usually, you can have a really playful layout, and add features that allow users to leave comments or interact with you. That way, their first impressions of your blog will be sustained. And hopefully, their interactions with you will result to a sale.
  5. Promote, promote, promote! If you already have your blog, remember to promote your site to increase your traffic. Recommend your site to friends on social networking sites. Ask them to recommend it to their friends too. Do not just post your blog and pray that someone visits your site. Take action and go online.

Put these things to heart, and be ready to post your first blog. If all goes well, you might have your sale faster than you can post your next entry.

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Actitycle June 9, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Very Interesting Blog! Thank You For this Information!


rosejanne camoro June 18, 2011 at 2:50 pm

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