Google Releases New YouTube App Ahead of iPhone 5 & iOS 6 Launch

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Google’s YouTube contract with Apple is about to expire this year. Apple removed the YouTube app from its iOS operating system in the last beta release of iOS 6. Users can still access YouTube from Mobile Safari without the standalone YouTube app.

YouTube iOS 6 app

Recently, Google released standalone YouTube app for Apple iOS devices. This new app is available in the App Store.

YouTube app iOS 6 - AppStore

The new YouTube app comes with major UI upgrades. Google has borrowed the design features from Android’s YouTube app as well as the native web app for mobile users. Google has also made available tons of new videos to users via this new app. Users can easily access subscribed channels by swiping from the left edge of the app.

Youtube iOS 6 app

The new version will also feature online advertising. Google’s revenue is mostly based on online advertising. There are lots of new features that come packed with the new YouTube app for iOS. You can read the full features on YouTube’s blog.

I’ve installed the new YouTube app on my iPhone 4 running iOS 6 Beta 4 and it looks pretty neat.

YouTube app iOS 6 on iPhone 4

Apple is scheduled to launch next gen iPhone (5) along with iOS 6 tomorrow in San Fransisco. With the imminent release of iOS 6 to the public, Google has launched the new YouTube app. The pre-installed YouTube app that comes with iOS 5.x.x and older iOS versions does not have full features that come with the web app. With this new version, Google has fully redesigned the YouTube app.

Let us know what you think about the new YouTube app.

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