How Can Social Media Improve Your Business and ROI?

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Social media is offering support to craft a new era in the business engagement and transparency, building up both new opportunities and challenges. Time has gone when the organizations could trust on flashy ad campaigns or carefully written press releases to interact with their target audience, most often to make an attempt that convince people that the services or products offered by them are with the best in quality and most affordable in the field. Now, in the time of social media, the terms have changed from the root, and people demand a transparent and more honest relationship with the organizations with which they are planning make deals.

Social Media

Following are the major impacts of social media on businesses.

The motto has changed

  • From “Try to Sell” to “Make new Connections”

The meaning of the word “customer relationships” has radically changed from “trying to sell” to “Trying to make new connections” with customers, companies are using various means like Twitter and Facebook to socially communicate with people. Now, their aim is less about “SELL” and more to “ENGAGE” — and the result of such engagement make people feel much comfortable making business deals with these companies.

  • From “Big Business Campaign” to “Small Posts”

By using sites like Twitter and Facebook, we all have our own publishing network, and businesses have begun to realize that rather than spending bunch of dollars on ad campaigns, small posts can be more effective as people will share such kind of experiences on the social media sites.

In the past, it took a big amount of time to share our best or worst experience with professional web design company. Today, we can make it done within a moment by posting it on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

All companies must have employee policies, and there is a thing as bad press for sure, but if you look at the most famous companies of the social media’s era, you will generally find those which give freedom to their employees to be themselves. The target should no longer be to make a polished and controlled image that people tries to reinforce, but rather to provide employees the means necessary to be human beings that can put a friendly face on the corporation.

  • At last, once which was “Hard to Reach” has changed to “Available for Everyone and Everywhere”

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