How Can You Improve Your Website’s Google Authority?

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What does it mean when someone says my site needs authority on Google to be listed higher?

If you’re with an SEO company, or have an SEO individual looking after your site’s SEO, chances are you will have heard the phrases “build authority on Google”, “your site’s authority in Google’s” eyes, or even something like “these keywords will help to build authority for your site on Google”. But, you might also be confused as to what this means, and why this is relevant to your campaign.

Build Google Authority

The main purpose behind SEO is to get your site listed on Google. However, depending on your site’s topic or business area, there could be anywhere between 1000 to a million websites all competing for those ten places on the first page of Google. There is no reason why your site shouldn’t be there, but sometimes there can be factors that prevent your site from being on the first of Google. This doesn’t always have to be the case, but when it comes to some sites, there is a process that needs to be followed to get you there.

What factors are preventing my site from being seen as an authority?

There are several factors that can affect your listing.

The age of the domain

If your domain is brand new or even just a few months old and your competitors site has been around for a few years, then the older site is likely to be listed higher first. This is due to the fact that it has been around longer, and therefore had time to focus on building its strategies around particular keywords. It has also had time to demonstrate to Google the relevance of their site to their keywords, and that they are a trusted source when it comes to these keywords.

The popularity of keywords and content

Having content just for the sake of having content is a no-no when it comes to building authority with Google. Anything poorly constructed or spammed with keywords will be apparent to Google, and this will be looked upon unfavorably. The latest Panda algorithm changes focus on content, and the benefits of writing well constructed, useful content that is relevant to your site and beneficial for your users goes a long way when it comes to authority.

Keep your site updated

Use your expertise of your topic to generate new content and pages for your site. However, make sure that it is relevant and useful, and demonstrates a benefit to visitors of your site. Updating your site keeps Google coming back to see what is new, and is an excellent way to demonstrate that your site is a valuable source of information.

High quality links

While links are declining in popularity, there are some types of links that can still be of benefit. High quality links from sites such as governing bodies or authorities for a particular industry can be of benefit, as there are often added for free.


Ultimately, it is worthwhile remembering that SEO can take a few months to start being effective, and that white-hat techniques are the best way to achieve results. Remember, even a site that is now a few years older than yours and with more authority had to start somewhere, so there is every chance that one day your site will be in the position.

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