How to Get Other Bloggers to Link to You?

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Link building is a very important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). The more backlinks your blog has, the better your blog will be ranked by search engines. However, you should not get backlinks from any site. Make sure you get quality backlinks from well-ranked sites which have content relevant to your blog.

Link Building

Here are some ideas you can use to increase your chances of getting other bloggers to link to you.

1. Ask them to link to a post

Don’t rush into asking people to link to your blog. Instead, ask them to look at a single post or page that you have created. Other bloggers are more likely to link to a post covering a relevant subject, than link to your blog.

2. Create quality content

Bloggers are usually attracted to posts which are controversial, useful, intriguing, informative or entertaining. Make sure your posts contain some of these elements to enhance the chances of other bloggers linking to them.

3. Portray knowledge of the blogger

Use the blogger’s name when interacting with them and show them that you are familiar with their blog. Talk briefly about yourself and let the other blogger know why you are interested in their blog. Even if you have interacted with them preciously, don’t assume that they remember you. It would advisable to do a quick re-introduction since they might be dealing with many other people.

4. Build a relationship

If you have never interacted with someone before, it is not advisable to start by cold calling them and asking for a link. Take time to get to develop a relationship with the other blogger, as well as their blog. With time, you can then begin asking for favors.

5. Add value

Most bloggers would not be willing to link to you if they or their blogs are not gaining any value out of it. Value does not necessarily refer to exchanging reciprocal links or cash. The page or post that you want them to link to needs to add value to the readers of their blog, as well as to the blog itself.

6. Research

Take time to carry out some research before getting in touch with another blogger. Find out what articles have been getting published in their blog over the past few months. What is the major subject? What kind of subjects, posts/blogs do they usually link to? How do they interact with their readers? With sufficient information, you will then be able to prepare an appropriate pitch.

7. Stick to your topic

Before asking another blogger to link to your post, make sure your subject is relevant to their blog. This will enhance your chances of getting a link, and also increase the possibility of someone clicking on the link. In addition, being relevant will have more SEO benefits for your blog.

8. Promote your posts selectively

You don’t have to promote every post that you write. The fact is that some have a higher chance of being linked to than others. It is therefore advisable to choose only the outstanding posts to promote.

9. Reciprocate

When other bloggers are generous to you, make sure you reciprocate, and not necessarily by linking to them. You could reciprocate by sending gifts, contributing guest posts to their blog, telling other people about them or sponsoring their project.

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Chinmay July 26, 2012 at 11:48 am

Great tips on a very relevant subject for all bloggers. The path is not at all easy and needs a lot of thinking as you’ve said.


Jay Srivastava August 2, 2012 at 2:53 pm

I am Myself is a blogger and find this article very useful, Special Thanks To Charles For Writing this and MK for publishing it here.



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