iH8sn0w Probably Won’t be Releasing sn0wbreeze for iOS 5 Beta 4

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It’s been about 10 days since iOS 5 Beta 4 was released by Apple. redsn0w was instantly updated by @MuscleNerd to provide tethered jailbreak for iOS 5 Beta 4.

Update: Sn0wbreeze for iOS 5 Beta 5 has been released

And, everybody’s been bugging @iH8sn0w on Twitter about sn0wbreeze for iOS 5 Beta 4. Here’s @iH8sn0w’s reply to one of the tweets:

No sn0wbreeze for iOS 5 Beta 4

@usman81: @iH8sn0w what about snowbreeze for ios 5 beta4…any plans for releasing it?

@iH8sn0w: @usman81 its not like i’m holding it back. I’m not even working on it .

From the above tweet, it’s clear that @iH8sn0w doesn’t want to work on updating sn0wbreeze for iOS 5 Beta 4. But, why is he not?

The main point that came to my mind was Piracy. Many people out there don’t have official access to iOS 5 Beta IPSWs. They pirate it from around the internet to give it a try. Beta iOS is only meant for a developers use. Developers need to test their applications on Beta iOS, and if anything is wrong with the application, they need to fix it before the final public release of iOS seeds out.

Also, as redsn0w is already available for iOS 5 Beta 4, jailbreak developers can test their applications on iOS 5 Beta 4. sn0wbreeze is only useful for preserving baseband. It can let users use ultrasn0w or GEVEY unlock on iOS 5 while preserving the basebands. GEVEY sim has been tested uptil iOS 5 Beta 3 and works fine while preserving baseband to 04.10.01 or lower.

Also, ultrasn0w unlock works on baseband 01.59. Once the final release of iOS 5 seeds out, @iH8sn0w will update sn0wbreeze so that users can get some pie of ultrasn0w & GEVEY unlock. Stay tuned till then & say no to Piracy!

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