Making the Connection between QR Codes and Marketing

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More and more users are turning to high end mobile technology, taking advantage of the advanced features and functionality available with smart phones. In response to this shift, companies shift towards creative uses of marketing in order to reach their customers. One particular technology that has an increasing presence in marketing is QR codes.

QR Code

5 Creative Uses of QR Codes

A QR code is a type of barcode that is used to store encrypted data. Traditionally used for tracking and ticketing, QR codes have been increasingly seen in marketing endeavors. The following five examples are creative marketing campaigns that utilize QR codes:

Museums and Historical Areas

Museums, art galleries and other historical sites are finding creative ways to mix the new with the old. By placing QR codes next to paintings and statues, tech-savvy art patrons can quickly access more information on the work of art. QR codes can also give visitors an audio and visual tour, further enhancing user experience.

Retail Labels

QR codes are relatively small, rarely exceeding more than several inches in size. Therefore, many businesses and companies have placed QR codes on labels, on a variety of products. Aside from providing information, retail stores can connect QR codes to social media buttons and multimedia, further expanding customer experience. From clothing to bottles, coffee cups to e-commerce goods, QR codes can be applied nearly anywhere.

Promotions and Free Offers

The word “free” sends a signal to any customer, causing them to flock to the business in question. Therefore, embedding promotions and free offers in a QR codes is an extremely effective way to market the business and brand. One example is to place a QR code in an advertisement or an exclusive email, offering free content to the first several hundred who access the code. This particular use of QR codes is versatile, and can be utilized by a wide range of companies and businesses.

Scavenger Hunts

Similar to the above, a giveaway or prize at the end of a contest is an opportunity for businesses to market to customers. QR codes work particularly well with scavenger hunts, and motivate customers to travel and visit places they normally would not go. Examples of QR codes in scavenger hunts take place in multiple retail stores or in viral marketing campaigns. Scavenger hunts can be a great way to engage and interact with customers.

URL access

One of the main advantages of the QR code is its accessibility; instead of relying on pen and paper, customers can simply scan the QR code to gain access to information. Businesses can utilize this feature in a variety of ways, such as displaying QR codes on storefronts, billboards and ads. By causing the QR code to redirect to a website, businesses can prolong customer experience.

At the moment, QR codes are limited by whether the user possesses a smart phone or some sort of QR scanning technology. However, as more and more users adopt smart phones, the marketing potential of QR codes will continue to rise.

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