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Tumblr has become an important blogging platform and has surpassed WordPress with more than 29 million blogs and millions of posts each day. It has become too important and we can ignore it if you are doing an online promotion and branding campaign.


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Some tips on helping you use Tumblr are mentioned here.

Tumblr should be used as an add on to original content

Due to its nature, Tumblr can serve as a repository of digital information. You can post content by others on your own and this can be used to create a databank for all things related to your industry. This should be complemented by original content and businesses can use this as an add-on to their websites and wordpress blogs.

You should like and comment on the content posted by others in your space

When someone posts content, you can like it or comment on it. This provides you with a link at the bottom and users can visit your page from that link. If you comment or repost the post, it is promoted virally and you get exposure and traffic.

This also promotes relationships and builds the network.

Post a link to your original post

When you write a new post, include a link that confirms you as a source. When this content is reposted, you get links and exposure and it has a compounding effect on the brand promotions.

Tag your Posts

Always provide relevant tags to your posts so that they are indexed and can be found when searched. This helps in social marketing and people can find you on the basis of tags.

Focus on themes while creating the blog

When creating a blog, focus on a theme. This creative venture can be used to post funny and humorous content which entertains. Entertaining content always has an audience.

Post quotes from your content on the website or blog

You can post short notes or quotes from your original content available elsewhere. This repost will increase the visibility of that post and people will ultimately visits the source and that is the idea. A new untapped audience helps.

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