How To Market Your Business/Website using Google Plus?

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Google Plus may be the new social networking site on the block, but since it went public, it has been steadily gaining more users everyday. Business owners were skeptical at first as to whether they should begin marketing their business on the site, wondering if it would be worth their time and effort. However, marketers are now discovering that there is a growing market on Google Plus.

Google Plus Marketing

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If you want to learn more about marketing your site on Google plus, here are some key tips you should know.

Create a page

Like Facebook, you can create a page for your business on Google Plus. The feature was recently added, and marketers have been taking advantage of the feature since it was introduced. When you make your own Google plus page, make sure you include any information that is important or relevant, such as website address, product information, company biography and various photos. You want to give your customers as much information on every outlet as possible.

Use Google tools

People often compare Google Plus with Facebook. However, though the sites are similar in use, Google has some key tools that Facebook has not improved upon. For example, the hangout tool allows users to start a group video chat. Facebook also has a video chat feature, but it is not as prominent as Google’s.

Start a chat with core customers or peers and discover what they think about your company. Interact with them and gain their trust. Start a Q&A session. Hold a video conference. Use the hangout tool for various purposes.

Accumulate +1s

Unlike Facebook “likes,” plus 1s’ effect extends beyond the Google Plus site. Being owned by Google, Plus 1s within the social networking site extends to search results as well. Therefore, accumulating Plus 1s on Google plus for your business can help its page rank in the Google search engine. This is especially for local business owners. Google admits that over 70 percent of all search activity is locally related. Getting plus 1s for your business will undoubtedly help your local search campaign.


If you utilize these specific tips, then you will do well with Google Plus marketing. Of course, you should also incorporate other marketing methods that are common place for social networking sites, such as interaction and engagement. You never want to leave your customer hanging in this regard.

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Joe markets his website using google plus, so he speaks from experience. He currently operates a junk car removal company in San Diego, you can learn more about Joe here.

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Mukesh January 15, 2012 at 5:37 pm

In case of SEO Google + is very Much Helpful… At the place of FB like 😉
Thank You…
I am Going to create my Google+ page now.. 🙂


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