Microsoft Officially Shows Off Windows 8 [Video]

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Microsoft’s Windows 7 is one of the best operating systems by Microsoft. Vista was also good, but Microsoft didn’t take into consideration the hardware it’s users might be using. So, if you needed to use Vista, you should have to completely upgrade your hardware.

Microsoft Windows 8

Rumors and leaks of Windows 8, Microsoft’s new operating system, have been floating around the Internet for quite some time now. Now, Microsoft has showcased it’s new operating system, Windows 8 at D9 Conference.

The demo video is after the break. I’ll first tell about the features I learnt after watching the video.

Windows 8 is designed for Tablets, PCs, Laptops and Mobile Devices. The UI concept of Windows 8 is based on Windows 7 OS for Mobile devices. The video shows Windows 8 running on a touch screen device. When Windows 8 first starts, you can see there are tiles instead of application icons. The start menu is replaced by these tiles. All the applications run in full-screen mode.

Multi-tasking also looks pretty good in the video. Microsoft has always been best with it. You just have to slide your finger from left to right and you can run the backgrounded application. Also, you can run multiple applications at the same time. For example, the video shows a video is being played, and at the same time, News feeds application is dragged in, and both the applications run at same time. The switching speed is super fast.

Also, you can have the existing Microsoft Windows applications running on Windows 8. These can include softwares like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and everything else.. Windows 8 will come loaded with Internet Explorer 10. The web apps for Windows 8 are built using HTML5.

Windows 8 will not only run on touch screen devices. It will also be available for hardware with keyboard & mouse. The functionality will be the same except the touch.

Here’s the demo video:

You can check Engadget’s live coverage of Windows 8 event at D9 Conference. Also, check out Microsoft’s official page revealing features of Windows 8.

Microsoft will be launching Windows 8 in somewhere around 2012. Exact date is not mentioned. Also, within this 1 year, we’ll get to see various demo videos of Windows 8 in action. Basically, Microsoft will be video-marketing it’s new product, currently codenamed “Windows 8”.

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