Microsoft rolls out IE9 Beta

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Microsoft has released a major update to Internet Explorer, IE9 Beta. It is available in 33 languages at

This is the “Future of the Web”.. The design of IE9 is very neat and light. IE9 is much more better than it’s predecessor IE8. In an interview, Internet Explorer general manager Dean Hachamovitch said the goal of IE9’s redesign is to “get out of the way and let sites shine”, and to let Windows and the computer do more of the work that was previously handled by the browser.

The first thing you’ll notice when you run IE9 is that the toolbars and some navigation features have vanished. There’s no longer a separate search box – the URL field now doubles for search. And like Firefox and Chrome, searching here scans both the Web and your Favorites and History.

IE 9 uses hardware acceleration for text and images as well as video and audio. The effect of the hardware acceleration can be significant even on Netbooks that don’t support graphics acceleration. Obviously, the impact will be more noticeable on machines with high-end graphics.

So, in short, this new browser is built for speed, takes advantage of the latest HTML5 and other modern Web technologies, and has a relatively simple UI.

You won’t be able to install IE9 Beta on Windows XP.

Also, you can check Microsoft’s official blog for the update.

Try IE9 Beta now by downloading it from

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