Priceless Benefits of iPhones and Cloud Storage

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A decade ago, no one would imagine that a cell phone would store music and multimedia applications. Now, nearly everyone is flocking to purchase iPhones and iPads to not only utilize their main functions, but also store their media.

Apple iPhone

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The new cloud storage systems are advancing iPhone mobile storage even further, with up to five gigs of  free space.

Portable devices have always had the storage space to hold bulky music files and pictures. But the iPhone was the first device to meld high-end computer multimedia into a small, sleek cell phone. However, the hardware limited the device to only hold as much as the device could hold. Cloud services are filling in this role by giving people the opportunity to transfer some of their files onto storage websites.

These websites might seem like outdated storage sites like (now closed by Yahoo!) However, these cyberspace centers are more than just sites to upload files. These websites allow people transfer their word processor files, music and videos onto their own mobile device. In other words, they own a few gigs of space where they can store computer files that are maxing out their free space on their mobile device.

Google Docs on Android

Some of the most flexible cloud-based storage sites, such as DropBox, allow people to transfer files from their computer to the Internet by dragging the files into a folder. Of course, this system is also much more vulnerable to hackers. In July of this year, a hacker broke into DropBox, allowing people to access anyone else’s account as long as they knew the person’s e-mail address.

However, DropBox is still one of the most popular apps because it is still the easiest cloud storage app for every mobile device to access and transfer files with. In fact, Apple has recently announced jumping into the cloud-based storage bandwagon. Many are waiting for Apple to unveil its web system, iCloud, to its iPhone and iPad faithful.


Critics still argue about the importance of iOS devices, even today. Many people are understandably concerned about the high monthly fee for using an iPhone to access the Internet. Other smart phone designers, such as Hewlett-Packard, are especially raising the competition with cheaper wi-fi only plans.

Fortunately, Apple countered many of these concerns by introducing wi-fi only versions of the iPad. However, many consumers are already looking for cheaper smart phone alternatives to the iPhone’s dominant 3G and 4G network capabilities.

The Internet coverage of iPhones also drops out occasionally on days when the operators must repair their servers. Internet on the iPhone is also not as fast or impressive, because Apple’s mobile devices are not compatible with Flash applications on a computer. Many of the special interactive Internet features require people to download separate apps onto their phone which costs both time and money.

In fact, many people might argue that cloud-based storage networks cost more time to upload and access the files over the Internet. Although iOS devices can instantly access cloud networks for their files, many of them take longer to load over the Internet. This is because the duration of the load time is completely dependent on the strength of the Internet connection. If the connection is strong, the smart phone can access it extremely quickly. If the connection is weak, then it might take forever to load the files.

However, the benefits of wireless smart phones and cloud-based storage networks are priceless. With the incoming tide of new smart phones and cloud networks comes a wave of new opportunities. In the future, most people will probably access their music over a wireless phone. A bright future free of external hard drive clutter awaits us. Are you ready to embrace the future?

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