Siri in Action on iPhone 4S in India – Videos

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About 2 months back in October, Apple officially launched iPhone 4S in US. And from 25th November, Apple started selling iPhone 4S in India through Airtel & Aircel.

Siri on iPhone 4S

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Besides the hardware changes in iPhone 4S, Siri is the major improvement that makes it better from the iPhone 4. Siri works perfectly in US, Canada, Australia, UK and in major European countries. Apple has officially programmed Siri to support accents in these countries. But Siri doesn’t yet support Indian accent. In fact, Apple has removed Siri’s description from Apple India’s online Store.

But Siri comes pre-installed with iPhone 4S bought in India. And it supports American accent currently. The reason that Apple is not supporting Siri in India is probably because it doesn’t have enough speech and location data. Siri won’t give you directions to local restaurants or addresses, because it doesn’t have any databases maintaining such information. Siri will answer questions related to weather, stock markets and set up reminders & alarms and also send emails and text messages. But you’ll have to work around for a couple of times till Siri understands your accent.

Below are two videos which give you the proof that Siri does work in India. The first video is by Amit Agarwal, owner of Labnol. He recently tested Siri on his friend’s iPhone 4S. He posted the article about Siri on WSJ India.

In the above video, you can see that Siri sometimes fails to recognize certain words pronounced by Amit. But if you consider an overall performance (leaving aside “maps” related queries) Siri works quite good here.

The second video is recorded by NDTV. In this video, queries are mostly related to weather, stock markets and reminders. The speaker also asks Siri to search for information on Google. Siri fails to recognize the Indian accent a couple of times in this video.

But overall Siri recognizes most of the commands & if you’re planning to buy & use iPhone 4S in India, you’ll get most out of Siri’s functionality. Any thoughts? Feel free to comment below.

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