Bathing With an iPad: Review of 3 Waterproof Cases for Tablets

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You are probably wondering why anyone would go into the water with a smartphone or a tablet. Besides more obvious activities like reading e-books while taking a bath in a Jacuzzi, there is a whole range of situations when routine usage of a device may result in it getting wet: reading the news poolside, rowing a boat or taking a ferry ride (no way without a favorite gadget!), and the list goes on. Here’s an even more trivial situation: outdoor recreation during a rainy season. Would you constantly drag the tablet along if it was in a waterproof case? We have prepared a small review of different ways to save a tablet from drowning.​


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​There are two types of waterproof cases (also called aquaboxes): rigid and flexible. The latter option is reminiscent of a plastic bag, and the former is quite rare since it is not versatile and is quite bulky.  Rigid cases can handle only a particular model of tablet. On the other hand, with flexible aquaboxes, things get more interesting; there is more of selection and more applications.

Large Whanganui Waterproof iPad Case

Large Whanganui, a product of the company Aquapac, is the first one we put to the test. A mid-sized bag can hold any modern tablet or a bunch of small items combined. Such a case can contain, for instance, a cell phone, documents, papers and other small things that should not get wet.

Large Whanganui iPad Case

After packing the device inside the case, turning 3 latches is all that is required for safely walking out into the rain or going to the lake. Not a single drop of water will get inside the case, and for added comfort, a shoulder strap is provided. This solution wins over with its simplicity and a compact storage size. On the downside, the tablet is not secured inside and constantly moves inside the case. By the way, do not be concerned about the combination of a film and a touch screen – they work great together and even allow for writing tweets from the bottom of a pool. The main thing to remember is not to dive deeper than 5 meters to avoid excessive pressure exerted on the iPad. This novelty is available at its manufacturer’s online store for $46.60.

DryCASE Waterproof iPad Case

​The American company DryCASE also offers aquabox cases but with a more fundamental approach to the problem. Besides the basic features of the bag such as being waterproof for up to 30 meters, the DryCASE Tablet also includes an air cushion with a hand strap and the ability to plug in headphones, as well as an air removal device.

Dry Case Waterproof iPad Case

Thus, one can engage in water sports while listening to music, and if the device is dropped into the water, there is no need to dive in the water to get it back. What is especially pleasant is the ability to remove excessive air from the bag so that the gadget fits snugly inside the case. Due to this capability, the device will not dangle inside the case, allowing for comfortable usage. Such a vacuum also increases the quality of the photos taken with the device; a transparent polyethylene layer will fit the camera lens closely, thus helping to avoid blurry photos. To be sure, this case allows for the device to be used to its full capabilities. This new product can be bought on the manufacture’s site for $59.99.

Tunewear Waterwear for iPad

Another interesting “baggie” is called the Tunewear Waterwear. This time, the manufacturer proposes to seal the device hermetically in the usual aquabox while rolling up the open end and securing the roll with fasteners and latches. This may seem the same as the first variant, but here the designers have put more thought into the comfort involved in using the device inside bag. Thus, they have added a plastic fixing panel for the tablet, which restricts the movements of the device inside.

Tunewear Waterwear iPad Case

Additionally, one can fasten a strap on top of the box for easier transportation. Since there is a fixing panel in the lower part of this case, it is harder to fit some other things there, but we are looking to secure the iPad in the first place, right? Tunewear Waterwear seems like an optimal product in terms of price and quality if the ability to listen music is not critical to you. Tunewear aquabox is available at their website for $39.95.


​Whichever case you choose for water-related fun, do not forget that these cases are not designed for any kind of significantly deep dives. However, at least one does not need to be worried about a device’s safety during summer recreation or during calm fishing trips along the forest lake.

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John February 9, 2012 at 10:49 pm

I’ll prefer DryCASE Waterproof over other two, but other two also look nice due to unique design.


Rose April 4, 2012 at 3:21 am

If you go to the beach too much, i would prefer Whanganui Waterproof iPad Case any day.


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