Four iPhone Apps That Will Make Your iPhone Even Cooler

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As technology continues to expand and evolve, more and more emphasis is being put on mobile devices and the infamous cloud. So much of our lives now take place on our cell phones, personal computers, and mobile devices that it is nearly impossible to imagine what life was like before mobile internet or applications. However, with mobile apps becoming more and more popular and hundreds of new apps flooding the market every day, it can be quite the task to sift through and find the useful ones.

There are numerous applications available for the iPhone that can help you find your way around more easily, store your information and data safely, access anything you might need from your home computer out on the go, and keep notes and dates straight. Each these mobile applications helps mold your iPhone into a do-it-all device that completely rocks.

1. Evernote

Price: Free


Evernote is the ultimate organization device for your mobile phone. Enabling you to quickly and easily jot down any idea that pops into your head, store a website for later, snap a picture and hold onto it, and much more, Evernote lives up to its motto: “remember everything”. Write and keep notes using your Evernote app and then easily find them again later using a custom search bar. Evernote joins a simple idea with a flawless interface for a wonderful mobile note taking experience.

2. Dropbox

Price: Free


Dropbox is one of the most vital web tools I’ve come across in many, many years. Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store up to two gigs of data in “the cloud”. Basically, Dropbox gives you an external hard drive for two gigs of your most important files, documents, music, pictures, whatever and allows you to access it from any device that gets internet access. The iPhone application for the Dropbox service is surprisingly useful. Access any documents or files you might need right from the palm of your hand.

3. GorillaCam

Price: Free


The one complaint that many people have with their iPhone is the photo quality of the camera. While it is pretty amazing alone that you can take pictures at all with your cell phone, GorillaCam works to help you create even better more beautiful photos with your phone. This application is filled with different photo features and image edits. GorrilaCam provides digital zoom, anti-shake technology, tap to focus, selectable image size, self-timer, time-lapse, rapid fire, and many others. Use this app to create beautiful phones without even realizing that you are using a phone.

4. AroundMe

Price: Free


AroundMe is by far one of the most useful in a sticky situation. AroundMe can help you quickly find a gas station near you when you need one or a Chinese food restaurant when you are really craving one. AroundMe will quickly identify your location and then allow you to search for the nearest bank, bar, gas station, hospital, hotel, movie theater, restaurant, market, taxi, and more. This application is perfect for individuals who have just moved to anew cityor for someone traveling to a new place. Find your way around using the map option and let AroundMe help you find the entertainment you want.

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