4 Tips for Optimizing Your Blog for an International Audience

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The Internet is a vast space in which people from all over the world contribute. As a blogger, you probably have a specific audience that is limited by interest in a specific topic. They are likely also from a country or region that is your own. As you look to the future to improve your blog, you will probably also look to expand your audience in terms of numbers as well as diversity. To attract readers from all corners of the globe, however, there are specific things you can do to optimize your blog for an international audience. Here are a few ideas:

International SEO

Write using informal, Standard American English

Even though many throughout the world use British English as the standard, on the web, Standard American English is more popular. Writing using correct grammar and syntax will enable you to reach a wider audience who can easily read your blog. In other words, the key to drawing an international audience is writing correctly but informally to optimize general readability.

Offer translation tools

Although English is considered the ultimate “international” language, there are various Internet users who aren’t able to speak English but can still benefit from your blog. To reach this portion of the population, place translation tools on your blog so that it can easily be translated. Not sure how that works? Check out this Six Revisions article that shows you different ways to embed translation solutions within your blog.

Post new items at different times

If you post a new item at the same time every time you upload new content, you are catering only to a specific audience within your time zone. Think about the different countries and areas that you are beginning to get web traffic from and post new items at a time when they are just starting their day, or at least when they are awake.

Write about topics that are relevant to different countries

If you live in, say, America, you probably focus all your blog entries on events that are occurring within American borders. However, for someone living in, for example, India, your material may not be relevant at all to that segment of the population. To widen the scope of your audience, cover news that occurs in different parts of the world. For example, if you have a tech blog, write a blog post about a new gadget that was recently released in Europe.

Expanding your audience abroad is certainly no easy task, but once you set up your blog such that you’ll attract more international readers, word will spread quickly. You’d be surprised by how a few simple tweaks can give your blog a global presence.

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