Apple Officially Announces iPhone 5

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Apple has officially announced a new iPhone at the iPhone launch event. This new iPhone is called the iPhone 5 rather than “the new iPhone” as was discussed in earlier post.

Apple iPhone 5

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The new iPhone 5 will be available for preorder from September 14th. Apple will start shipping the new iPhone 5 on September 21st. It will come preloaded with iOS 6. For older devices iOS 6 will be available on September 19th.

Features of Apple iPhone 5:

The features of iPhone 5 are mostly similar to the ones stated in my older post about iPhone 5 rumor roundup. These features include the following:

A6 Processor

iPhone 5 boasts a faster A6 processor. This means that the new iPhone will provide 2x performance than iPhone 4S. The GPU also provides 2x enhancement. The 3rd generation iPad comes with A5X processor. A6 is better than this A5X processor. This will provide better gaming experience and better multitasking experience.

4″ Display

The new iPhone comes with a bigger display. The resolution is also increased to 1136 x 640 pixels. The iPhone 5 comes with an extra row of applications on the homescreen. There are a total of 5 rows now and an extra application dock. This modification is done to suit the bigger display.

8 Megapixel Camera

The iPhone 4S came with an 8 megapixel camera. The iPhone 5 also comes with 8 Megapixel camera. But better features. The camera of iPhone 5 is more thinner and captures photos 40% faster than iPhone 4S. Panorama mode is also available now with the new iPhone 5. It can capture videos at 1080p, similar to iPhone 4S. The front facing camera is FaceTime HD camera that captures photos at 720p resolution.

Lightning Dock Connector

The new iPhone 5 comes with an 80% smaller dock connector. It consists of 8 digital pins. The connector is reversible and easy to use. It comes with increased durability. The new iOS devices will feature this new lightning dock connector. Accessory manufacturers are working to launch products that are compatible with lightning dock connector. If you’ve older accessories, Apple will be selling a old-to-new converter.

4G LTE Network

The iPhone 5 comes with a 4G/LTE chip that will support speeds upto 100 Mbps. In US, AT&T, Verizon & Sprint are already testing their LTE networks and the iPhone 5 will be compatible with them. In Canada, Roger, Fido, etc will be able to provide LTE functionality that is compatible with iPhone 5. In Europe and Asia too, there are networks that can provide 4G LTE functionality.

Battery Life

The iPhone 5 comes with a bigger battery. It can support upto 225 hours of standtime. Upto 8 hours of LTE data is provided by this new battery. On Wifi, upto 10 hours of backup is provided.

Pricing & Availability

The iPhone 5 is available from $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 32 GB & $399 for 64 GB. It will be available in two colors: Black & White. As I already mentioned above, Apple will start taking preorders from 14th September and will start shipping iPhone 5 from September 21st.

Stay tuned for more news related to iPhone 5.

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Matt Mahone September 15, 2012 at 9:42 pm

It looks sleek. I like the one in black. I will have to get one soon.


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