10 Most Effective Ways For Beginners To Optimize Videos On YouTube

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Though YouTube is not the only option for video distribution on the internet, with 60 hours of video uploaded every minute, it surely is the largest. This awe inspiring statistical data also highlights the fact that it is difficult to stand out from the crowd, but it is not impossible to increase the potential viewership with simple optimization. Video attachments in pages can hold a viewer’s attention for a longer period of time.

Optimize videos on YouTube

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It is not that difficult even for beginners to optimize their videos as YouTube algorithm is fairly simple and relies on three basic signals. They are

  • Text in title and the descriptions
  • Recent trending and number of views
  • Ratings

Here are some of the facts that should help you optimize your video on YouTube:

1. Name game

The title text is very important. YouTube allows up to 99 characters for the title text, but use below 66 for best results. Use the main keyword(s) in the title. Including the word ‘video’ might also be a better idea. Using a catchy title along with the keyword and the word “video” can help grab the attention of the viewer and the search engine as well.

2. Describe wisely

Describe your video with keywords in them. Do not stuff keywords. Use them in structured way to describe the video, and keep them spread throughout the description. Try to assign some tags to the videos; this will give you an opportunity to add some broad range of keywords.

With 5000 characters, this surely will be easy. Don’t forget to ask viewers to rate, share and embed video if they like. This matters a lot when it comes to ranking your video by YouTube.

3. Tags

Useful for finding video, tags should be added. Try adding tags with a variety of keywords other than in the description or title. Include names and branding for better result.

4. Privacy

Post launching or preview, always remember to set privacy settings to ‘public’. This will enable the mass to view your video.


Enable comments section. This will allow viewers to talk about the video, and this increases viewership also.

6. Other settings

Add video ratings, rating options and embedding to boost views. Also syndication needs to be enabled to boost further views.

7. Social Bookmarking

Sharing the video on various social networks and embedding on company/personal page will also help boost viewership.

8. Keep it short and catchy

Though long-form of videos is becoming popular, studies show that attention span of viewers on the net is becoming shorter. So it is better to have short and engaging videos rather than long and boring ones. Using subtitles can also help as audio quality may be affected.

9. Quality of feed

A good video with bad quality may not evoke that much of viewership as expected. Use some good video compressors and give the best quality for upload. There are some good quality compressors available online for free and some are for a price.

10. Good Thumbnails

A good thumbnail image is always eye catching and helps number of clicks or views. After uploading the video use the ‘Edit’ option to select the eye catching thumbnail for best results.


All these tips might not get your video the Numero Uno rank at the first go, but comments, shares, likes and more views will help it crawl up the ranks. Even proxy and related videos section might help you score better ranks.

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