Stop Making These Two Common Blogging Excuses

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One thing that is true all across the world is excuse making. We make up excuses from the time we are very small. The first time we forget our homework we say the dog ate it, or the first time out boss asks us why we did not get a project done on time we say the computer went down. In the blogging world there are some standard excuses we all use when we just do not want to write. Here are two common excuses and some reasons why they just are not true:

Stop making blogging excuses

1. I Do Not Have Time to Write

This little white lie is one that we tell ourselves all the time, but it is simply not true. Unless you are deathly ill or in the midst of a crisis you have time to write. Here are some tips that can get you back on track:

1. Keep it short – The first thing you should do when you feel like you do not have time to write is to remember that a blog post does not have to be long. In fact most readers prefer short blog posts to long ones. Keep in mind the phrase “short and sweet”. No one wants to read pages and pages of text and you sure do not want to write all that. Instead come up with one main idea and write about it. If you can complete one idea at a time then you have completed something. If you have more than one idea but you do not feel like you have time to write on them all right now then simply break your idea into a blog post series. That way you can tackle them one at a time and you get to update your blog faster than ever. Both you and your readers can appreciate that!

2. Use images -If you really, really do not have the time or energy to write then why not use a picture. After all, you know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. A great image can add tons of visual appeal to your blog post and bring in new readers. All you really have to do is add a caption to it and you are set for a whole blog post. You might even find yourself inspired to write more, though, if you come up with the right image. Something colorful, weird, beautiful or funny works best to catch reader’s attention and get you writing again.

3. Use multimedia – If standard images are not your thing then get more creative with multimedia. You can add a video, music or even an infographic to your blog post. Liven up your blog with some real interactive media. You can make your own video using just your computer’s web camera and built in microphone or import one for free from YouTube and the like. You can also include music from various sources online and if you are in an artistic mood you can create your own infographic. Those do really well on social media platforms like Pinterest. Any way you do it, readers love multimedia and they also love to connect with bloggers in a real way so this is a win-win for you both.

4. Make a list – If you are really pressed for time and do not have a lot of typing ability left in you, try to create a list. A list is great because it allows you to get a lot of information down quickly. I find them very helpful for times when I have a great idea but very little time to write on it. You can post a simple list as is for your blog post and then go through it one by one in later posts or you can create a list and get back to it when you have more time. I have even done a list post five minutes at a time all day long and gotten a decent sized blog post out of it. It is a great way to keep track of what you are doing and not lose your train of thought despite distractions. Readers also love lists. I think that is because they can easily tell how long a post will be based on the number of points you have. A list of seven will be short but a list of eighty will be long. A list is also easy to scan and pick up on only the points that are pertinent to the reader, so that could be another reason they are so popular.

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2. I Do Not Have Anything to Write About

The second excuse that bloggers often come up with is that they have nothing new to write about on their blog. Not only do they have no ideas, but they also often feel that they have covered everything they possibly could about their topic. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, this is not true. There is so much to write on and so much new stuff going on all the time that it is almost not possible to be out of ideas. However, if you are drawing a blank here are some tips to help you out:

1. Check the news – The first place you should go when you are stuck for new ideas is the news. Now, I am not saying you should write news or even based on the news, but seeing what the hot things going on in your blog’s niche topic is a good idea to inspire you to write about things that will matter to you readers. A timely post is worth a lot and the news is often a good indication of what readers are interested in and talking about right now.

2. Check social media – Speaking about what is on reader’s minds, checking out social media is a great way to see into the lives of your readers. Find out what they are talking about on Facebook and Twitter and try to incorporate that into your blog post. You may even get new ideas that you would have never come up with on your own.

3. Know your keywords – One of the most basic SEO practices is the use of keywords in your blog posts. These keywords determine a lot about where you rank in search engines like Google and Bing. However the keywords also tell you something else. They tell you what readers are interested in reading about. Take a look at the keywords and search topics in your blog’s niche to come up with new ideas that will both interest readers and get you more traffic to your blog. Two birds with one stone!

4. Get creative – If you really do feel like you have written everything there is to write about your niche topic then get creative. Tie in popular things like celebrities, movies, television shows, and books. If you can make new connections with old ideas then you can get a new audience into your blog and you can also write brand new stuff without a struggle. Whether it is a post about what Batman would eat for dinner or what car would be safest for SpongeBob, you can tie in fun stuff with relevant material to make great new blog posts that readers will love to read and you will find fun to write.

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Remember that blogging is all about the passion. If you do not love what you are writing then why would readers want to read it? Put your passion back into your blogging by making it fun again. Do not come up with new excuses not to blog, rather come up with inventive ways to make your blog better than ever!

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